Provide budget benefits for students

The wig no longer has accessories and is important today. However, high quality wigs are sold at discounted prices. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford a good quality wig. Here we show cheap wigs. It is durable and suitable for students who naturally conceal their hair with fewer hair.

Lace wig

(Light yaki) lace wig 1B black 12 inches

This stylish 12-inch wig is ideal for teenagers who like stylish everyday hairstyles. It is 12 inches long and uses black, dark brown and medium colors. The length can also increase. However, there is an additional cost. Lightweight and medium density wig hats are made of lace material and are very comfortable to wear. We are ready to ship and can be shipped within 24 hours of placing your order. Order today to receive special orders.

Lace wig

Lace wig 1B front (smooth) 18 ”
This wig will be your best choice. It is the perfect choice for women who want to unwind their hair. The hat is a lace material and can not be detected. You can divide your hair wherever you want and make your own hairstyle. 18 “The long line is light and medium density. The small hair around the wig will make you look graceful.

Lace wig

# 2Dark brown lace front race 12 ”
Ideal for young girls who need easy wear and low maintenance. This wig has a long hair and 12 inches of short hair, making it the perfect choice. The cap is made of sturdy French lace and is invisible. You can choose different hair color according to your needs. Because the wig is made of heat-resistant fiber, you can design your hairstyle as you like.
Lace wig

# 2Dark Brown Bakery Front Race Front 10 ”
Another amazing product of our store. This wig is short and suitable for girls who like to keep their hair length 10 inches but can increase the cost. There are black, black, sepia and dark brown colors. The hat is made of lace material so you can design your hairstyle as you like. This wig is ready for use and can be shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order. We have now received many discounts on this wig.

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