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It is time to re-emphasize your wig, and then re-knife it. It shines if your wig bounces or loses a knife. You can also trim the wig by using a hot roller in both synthetic wigs made from human hair.

Here are some tips on how to use a wig or a synthetic wig or a hot roller on a human wig?

1. Carefully brush your hair using a wire brush to straight comb or select parentheses. Start from the bottom of the hairline and slowly change the style from drawing the bumps upwards.

2. Cover your wig before you start moving. Make sure the wig is clean and dry before curling the hot roller.

3. Use electric hair rolls or hot rollers in a low or medium environment for wigs. The use of electric razors for synthetic wigs is not recommended. But you can do it in very low heat conditions with the backing to protect the fibers.

4. Divide your hair into combs or cut your hair to make it easier to bend. Spray each part from hairspray or proper wig before you roll.

5. Insert each part into a hot roller and carefully wind it around the roller. Pull the clip. Tuck by hot roller Same as knife by hot roller. Drag wigs uk,Roll in the same direction at the same angle as the preset role or role. But I think it is best that you are doing re-style.

6. After the roller has cooled down completely, remove the wig. To prevent fly and fly, loosen it in the rounding direction. Use a spray to decorate your new style with a calf peak or air vent.

There are a few things to be aware of when you use hot rollers on your wig.

1. Wash your wig properly using a wig cleansing product, including shampoo and conditioner. You can purchase a specially made wig.Drag wigs uk, Most regular styling products are safe for use on wigs.

2. Use a household steam cleaner to refresh the shape without damaging the wig.

3. Do not use on a wig combined with medium or high heat. You are no longer the same when you atrophy or decompose fiber.Drag wigs uk ,Use a sponge roller or a low-heat roller with a backup paper to protect the wig during styling.

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